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Out on may 29
© Workin' Label 2020

On May 29 will be released the remix version of the song "Thinking Twice" by Giacomo Riggi from the album Into My life released in 2016. Riggi proposes electronic sounds similar to rock, from indies to alternatives that go beyond trip-hop experiments. This mixture of suggestions derives from his background of studies and experiences, ranging from jazz to cultured and contemporary music. The single is played and arranged together with guitarist Gabrio Baldacci and drummer Daniele Paoletti.

Giacomo says: "It is a short melody written for Filippo and Elisabetta, my young twin brothers. A male and a female, a tiger and a squirrel, completely opposite characters and therefore fully lovable until I think of them as "double".

The single is accompanied by a videoclip starring, besides Giacomo Riggi, the dancers Etienne Pezzuto and the Canadian Kayla Jeanson who also took care of the direction.