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Out on June 18th
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"A Estrada", released on June 18 for the Workin ’Label and distributed in Italy and abroad by I.R.D. is the debut album of the jazz quartet Smogz, composed by Matteo Zecchi on tenor saxophone, Marco Morandi on piano, Bernardo Sacconi on double bass and Giovanni Gargini on drums.

The cd was conceived by the four musicians as a journey through different styles and languages: from the songs samba and bossa nova Saudade de São Paulo and Whispering Brazil, to melodic compositions fruit of a typically Mediterranean sensitivity such as A Estrada and L'Altra Donna, up to the more contemporary and abstract atmospheres of Sferico and Shadows On The East Side.

The title "A Estrada", which in Portuguese means "La Strada", represents the path towards experimentation and sound research of a timbre that emerges from the tastes of individual musicians, the result of the dialogue between different styles and heterogeneous sensibilities. The album is a descriptive representation of all those emotions that their travels around the world have aroused: from the intricate and lively Brazilian atmospheres to the colors of the ocean, passing through the frenzy of New York's urban landscapes to the solitude of cold winters Dutch.
They define themselves as "A band that explores the territories of jazz and the bossa nova atmospheres through original compositions rich in a typically Mediterranean expression."


1 Saudade de São Paulo (G. Gargini)
2 Whispering Brazil (B. Sacconi)
3 A Estrada (G. Gargini)
4 L’altra Donna (G. Gargini)
5 Distant Summon (B. Sacconi)
6 Sferico (M. Zecchi)
7 Speak no evil (W. Shorter)
8 Shadows on the East Side (B. Sacconi)


Recorded live by Sergio Salaorni on 9 and 10 December 2019 at the Cultural Circle "Behind the Scenes". Mixed and mastered by Antonio Castiello and Aldo De Sanctis at "Jambona Lab". Illustrations created by Giulia Pecol. Photos made by Alessandro Leonelli.

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