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The 8 original tracks mark the recapitulation of a path, a return to the place of origin, where the potential is at its best and the possibilities are endless, a starting point of a new life.

The musical narration is also represented in the video teasers that precede the release of the album: the journey, the flight, the return, the native land, retracing the entire life story with the aim of becoming new, more creative, ready to live more intensely.

One of the tracks is an original interpretation of the famous "Azzurro" by Paolo Conte:

"This song belongs to my childhood memories. As a child I listened to it on vinyl and danced on it. The original is musically very simple and I had a great time reharmonizing it, changing its color, which then becomes a very mysterious kind of azzurro. [ndt: light blue, in italian]"

Vocalist Carolina Bubbico has lent her voice to "Eagle's Wish", bringing back the theme of the song to its original nature of a free, immediate singing, the expression of the desire of a being that knows the flight as its natural and daily condition.

An improviser, always tending to a synthesis of experiences and inspired by a syncretic vision of life and the arts, Emanuele Coluccia is a sui generis musician. At the center of his refined research there is a desire to grasp the heart of sound, of listening, of musical action.

The thematic parts of the compositions are born from "travel notes": vocal notes taken during the frequent travels or during moments of inspiration, in which it seems that singing is a perfect opportunity for relationship and knowledge with oneself. The harmonic part is made with a mixed technique (tonal, modal, atonal) in a constant effort to keep the respective expressive levels close together in an increasingly complex and, at the same time, concrete dance.

The booklet contains the illustrations by Benedetta Longo: 10 watercolors inspired by the actual sound of each track, which will offer a synaesthetic means for the fruition of the work, a mirror for those who watch while listening.

1 Oceano - Eagle's Wish - 3 Oxtlapaltekatl - 4 Lejos - 5 Alba - 6 The Promise - 7 Bright Red 
8 Azzurro (P. Conte)  - 9 Birthplace  

Music composed by Emanuele Coluccia. All rights reserved.

oct 5 ott Palazzo della Cultura - Galatina (Le) ITALY
oct 6 “Di voce in voce” Festival - Teatro Traetta Bitonto (Ba) ITALY
nov 10 Teatro Comunale di Novoli (Le) ITALY
nov 18 World Music Academy Ex Fadda - San Vito dei Normanni (Br) ITALY
nov 23 Circolo Giovane Italia - Parma ITALY
nov 25 Ass Arte e Medicina - Santa Cesarea Terme (Le) Italy


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