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 voice, loop, multi-effect pedal, multi-pad

5-string electro-acoustic violin, loop, multi-effect pedal

The "Respiro" project was born from the professional meeting of two strong and passionate personalities: the voice of Lara Ingrosso and the violin of Francesco Del Prete, both linked to loop-machines and multi-effect pedals to unveil their rhythmic and harmonic possibilities and with the purpose to overcome the stereotype now rooted in the collective imagination that identifies the violin as a purely melodic instrument.

A "breath" of notes and words that becomes a beat with the addition of multipad and electronic sequences. Just in one word: Respiro.

A "simple" violin, although electroacoustic, becomes an unexpected whole of different sounds, transforming it, from time to time, into a bass, a guitar, a drums. The magic takes place on stage, when the musicians are only two but in the air the sound is that of an orchestra: thanks to the clever use of a multi-effect pedal and a loop-machine (able to record and overdub the various tracks), instruments through which Francesco Del Prete manages to enhance the percussive, rhythmic and harmonic qualities of his five-stringed violin.

"A forma d'Ali" is their first music album, published in November 2015. Awarded with the Targa d'Autore Controcorrente in December 2016, the CD contains nine original pieces (which also includes the award-winning song "Di lei") among pop, electronics and original arrangements.

On stage the Respiro bring their original songs but also jazz repertoire and tributes to the most beloved artists, such as Radiohead, Moltheni, Samuele Bersani, Sting, Stevie Wonder and others.

Among the most important goals the duo obtained from 2013 'till now, there are eleven national awards, the television service by Vincenzo Mollica during an episode of his program "Do Re Ciak Gulp" on RAI1, the live concert for RSI (Radio Television Switzerland) during the last Turin Book Fair, the opening of the Marlene Kuntz's gig at the "Fabrique" in Milan on 11 March 2016, the awarding of the "Targa d'autore controcorrente" for the album "A forma d'ali" in 2016 and the 1st prize at "Premio Mauro Carratta 2017".

1st prize - Limatola Festival (Caserta, July 2013); "Revelation of the year" award - Premio Lunezia (Carrara, July 2013); Best "Autore controcorrente" arrangement prize  (Samuele Bersani), "Best Personality" prize (Endas Award), 3rd prize for unpublished category - Musica Controcorrente (Terni, July 2013); Radio Radiosa award - Festival Frequenze Mediterranee (Matera, August 2013); 1st prize and Opening of the Earth Wind and Fire's gig - Cool Movement contest (Terni, August 2013); 1st prize and "Targa Siae" dedicated to Sergio Endrigo for the best artistic personality - Biella Festival (Biella, October 2013); 1st prize - Suoni e Rumori Festival (Cosenza, October 2015); awarding of the videoclip "Il verme" at V.I.C. Videoclip Italia Contest (August 2016); 1st prize - Premio Mauro Carratta (Poggiardo, October 2017).