lacantiga lorena carbonara

FABRIZIO PIEPOLI voice, santur, shruti box, tar
GIORGIA SANTORO flute, bass flute, piccolo, bansuri, voice, castanets, cymbals
ADOLFO LA VOLPE oud, cittern, saz, indian harmonium


"La Cantiga de la Serena" is a project aimed at recovering and reworking of the ancient music of the Mediterranean basin, a true cultural bridge between East and West. The repertoire is based on the recovery of ancient Sephardic cantigas, coplas and romances  - expression of the culture and traditions of Spanish Jews (victims of the exile from Spain and Portugal at the end of the fifteenth century) and Christian songs of pilgrimage and devotion (Cantigas de Santa Maria). A trip into the Jewish-Sephardic music, that in his millennial pilgrimage along the Mediterranean coast has hosted in itself the Celtic influences of Spanish Galicia and Portugal, the charming and hypnotic rhythms of the Berber nomads, the refined improvisational technique of Islamic maqam, the odd times of the Greek and Balkan music; the journey of pilgrims who went to the Monastery of Montserrat and during the vigil nights in Church, sang and danced simple Spanish folk melodies mixed with the complex and elegant music coming from Italian and French techniques.
An important example of how different cultures and religions can live together peacefully and survive the centuries through the musical experience, and at the same time the testimony of an era in which the musical traditions from different peoples mingled and enriched each other in a natural way, in everyday life. The project includes the execution of such repertoire through the free expression of the musicians' way of feeling and filter this tradition, with the use of musical instruments belonging to different musical cultures, through a performance that leaves plenty of room for improvisation moments.



"LA SERENA" (2016)
copertina_la serena rid