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Something to Do on Sunday - Matteo Cona

cover_matteo-cona_ridFROM FEBRUARY 20 IN RECORDS STORES
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Something to do on Sunday is the second album released by Matteo Cona, a Roman guitarist and composer.
The track list is made of 10 original tracks Matteo composed that tell stories of people and their different ways of enjoying free time. The album analyses our “day off”, a time for us to take care of ourselves by expressing our individuality while avoiding dogma stipulated by media and escaping the idea of having to be socially accepted. However, Sunday, considered as the he most renown day off, can become a double-edged sword for those who lack personal balance or healthy social relationships, and could lead to emphasising feelings of discomfort and futility. The album’s musical study tries to evade from post-bop jazz clichés, while attempting to embrace the great compositional and melodical jazz innovations. The style is undeniably influenced by musicians such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, who incessantly experiments between jazz and rock with a strong lyricism, and Kenny Wheeler who inspires wide-ranging compositions and a constant research of a silver thread that shines through every verse. The strength of the sound is accomplished also thanks to the contribution of musicians who have collaborated to the recordings: the saxophonist Augusto Pallocca, a kind of Jan Garbarek 2.0, the keyboardist Carlo Ferro, also involved in covering the synth bass role that brings the sounds closer to the American new wave neosoul and lastly, the exceptional technique of the drummer Sergio Tentella, known for his experimentations in electronical polyrythmic groove.

Remi                          4.24
Willowtree                  5.44
Like Bracco                4.28
Agapanthus               4.50
Beit                          13.12
Adana                        5.16
Il Sopravvissuto         7.04
Isa                              2.14
Banjo                         5.47
Remi reprise               3.54

Recorded and mixed bt Aurelio Rizzuti presso Studi Cuborosso, Roma
Mastering @ Reference Mastering Studios Fabrizio De Carolis



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