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A timeless album, yet contemporary like few others, a bearer of 1000 aesthetic pleasures… auditory manna of great importance, a masterwork- to put it bluntly” Max Sannella - Rockshock.it

Moffa has, by this time, reached a great compositional and interpretive maturity; he eschews common world music styles and pursues his own highly evocative route… This is an excellently arranged album, well played and produced and, not of the least importance, very cool!”  A. Del Favero - Folk Bulletin

Moffa, who juggles his deep voice with guitars, bagpipes and other instruments, is anything but passe, as he makes us realize; he is, in fact, a musician who adapts tradition to the contemporary - some guitars could have come from a Knopfler album - without changing the nature of its spirit- simple but effective- original. Andrea Belmonte – La Scena.it

“Terribilmente dèmodè” doesn’t offer up a songwriting of the type that is aesthete, cloaked in peasant rhetoric and a return to the ‘roots’; nor does it spread World Music exotica.  Instead, without showing urban arrogance, it offers an artist’s personal sound map, one that draws from the folk world in which he grew up. Once again, Moffa’s authorial seal embraces multiple expressions to communicate with the present. With Giuseppe Moffa, one is pleased to be terribly dèmodè. Ciro De Rosa- Bloogfoolk

Giuseppe Moffa is an Italian multi-instrumentalist from the Molise region (Italy) who succeeds in linking the indisputable richness of his land to the blues. Southern Italy’s folk world is the point of departure for a musical tour of discovery, revealing the soul of the songwriter expressed with voice, guitar and zampogna (Italian bagpipe) and blending rhythm and melody with masterly precision. From contemporary music to jazz and blues, every musical current finds its place in his repertoire. In June 2010, he released his first album, Non investo in beni immobili (I do not invest in real estate), fourteen tracks representing a new expression of Italian folk music in which tradition is enriched by foreign resonances. Terribilmente démodé (Terribly démodé) arrived in May 2015. In addition to traditional pieces from Molise, the CD contains original songs, written in Italian and dialect, and two zampogna compositions. Terribilmente démodé placed among the top five nominees for the “Targa Tenco,” the highest Italian songwriting award, for best album in dialect.




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