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Raffaele Vasquez made his debut in 2008 with a personal project which focused on piano. His music runs spontaneously as does his approach to life –he is curious, eclectic, romantic, elegant. Vasquez is inspired by sounds which surround him and is guided by his heart, courting his keyboard, playing with it, challenging it and running after it. His style seems to go for the American minimalism (Nyman, Glass) and for  Yann Tiersen’s European style. Raffaele Vasquez follows his instinct running after disturbing states of mind and exploding in arioso ouvertures. He does not take himself seriously, thus alternating his solo piano runs with exhilarating monologues. Vasquez has released two albums, namely Giuliano -self-produced (2008), Nicotina 0,6 - Jazz Daily (2009). Two songs from his debut album have been included as sound track of the film "Fine pena mai - Paradiso perduto" with Claudio Santamaria and Valentina Cervi. In those years, Vasquez features the backstage music of the film "Come tu mi vuoi" by  Medusa, with  Nicolas Vaporidis and Cristiana Capotondi. Among his projects and collaborations with other bands and actors, he composed the original music for : "Il premio di Londra" (2009), "L'ultima osteria” (2010) – selected at the London Film Festival“Ballerini, alle sagre d’autunno” (2010)  currently distributed in the U.S. In 2010, he won the Eolo Awards with his sound track for the children’s  theater performance  "Storia di un uomo e della sua ombra- Mannaggia'a mort", a show which was in the finals for the  "Premio Scenario infanzia 2008".
His performances are always a motley of music and portraying of a character  –‘himself’ – comical and bitter at the same time (he participated in the  “Zelig Lab” as a comedian).
In 2012 his first cd is released where he is a singer and song writer, Senza Bastoni Tra Le Ali, using a new instrument other than the piano for the first time –a guitar. The lyrics narrate his life elegantly and ironically at a time, using the nonsense style and a swift and surreal narrative. Sounds run eclectically along different musical and acoustic lines, alternating the stylemes of songwriting, pop acoustics and bossanova rhythm. The album portrays the bittersweet sadness of estrangement (Ti ho vista andar via), subtle yet current metaphors (Download), joyful ballads (Ma che giornata) and fresh breaths of freedom (titletrack).
In 2013 he is a guest at  M.E.I. 2013 and at  Sanremo for the Premio Tenco 2013. In 2014 he was awarded a special prize at the Premio Mia Martini 2014.




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