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“I look out to your apparent reality
a balcony only for my liberty’
(L'arcobaleno – Raffaele Vasquez)

A woman is the one and only protagonist of all the songs. An uncommon type of woman, free from all kinds of conventions, whom the author meets and clashes with, from whom he moves away and is later reconquered by. A ‘reflection’ of a woman that mirrors the soul not of only one man, but of all of mankind with all its beliefs.
‘Me’ is all this. ‘Me’ is the new record by singer and song writer Raffaele Vasquez, who has chosen to play with a paradox selecting a title which, conversely, seems to focus on exclusive and personal themes. ‘Me’ has been released on September 21 by Workin’ Label and distributed by Ird. 
Raffaele Vasquez made his debut in 2012 with ‘Senza bastoni fra le ali’ telling about the world through the distorted lenses of irony, tracing surreal stories and fairytale narrations in music and lyrics. In this new musical adventure Vasquez felt the need to narrate his new present in a completely innovative way. The keystone of his creative process is the artistic partnership with pianist and composer Mauro Tre, who gives Vasquez the possibility of detaching himself from the symbiosis with the instruments (both piano and guitar, used in past experiences) focusing increasingly on his voice. 
The track list includes 10 songs, 9 of which are original and the other one is a cover by Piero Ciampi, ‘Hanno arrestato anche l’inverno”, which Vasquez and Tre released in a video clip as a virtual present to their fans for Christmas 2014, and as an anticipation of the upcoming work. 
Me’ is a work which stems from songs of the 60s due to the selection of sounds, and which looks at the world and mankind with a cynical and disenchanted mood. The use of Dulcimer, tape Mellotron and valve instruments in general represents a further basic ingredient in Vasquez’ songs.
Vasquez has relied on the collaboration of drummers Alessio Borgia and Paolo Provenzano, bass player Luca Alemanno, guitarist Luigi Bruno and violinist Francesco Del Prete. The editing and mixing have been assigned to Marco D’Agostinis of  MD Mastering, thus merging the different styles of the musicians who contributed to the project, thus mixing everything in an album of evergreens, which could well be listened on a utopian 78 rpm.

Track list

1. Me
2. L’arcobaleno
3. Se buono è
4. Quella giusta
5. Scindi
6. Giù nella via
7. Ti chiamerei acquavite
8. Gelosia
9. Hanno arrestato anche l’inverno (P. Ciampi)
10. Signuria

Author: Raffaele Vasquez, Mauro Tre, Piero Ciampi
Producer: Mauro Tre, Raffaele Vasquez





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