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"Ligherian Rhapsody" Tour 2015





Born in Zagreb on March 2nd 1973., Matija started playing classic piano at the age of five. After he finished Music high school«Vatroslav Lisinski» in 1991 he went to Graz to Jazz Academy where he graduated in 1997 under prof. Harald Neuwirth and private lessons with J. Taylor in Cologne, Hal Galper, Bill Dobins and Barry Harris. Since he was raised in the family surrounded by pop and traditional musicians, he began to listen to all kinds of music very early, soon discovering jazz and finding that it allows him abstract and a more personal musical point of view. After returning to Zagreb in 1997 he begins to play more often, and his work is recognized in and out of Croatia. During those years he played with his own band «Boliers Quartet», with whom he supported the likes of B. Golson, K. Burell, R. Haynes, J. Feliciano and «All Stars Band».  Meanwhile he also had a chance to play in  «Tamara Obrovac Quartet».
Over the years he played in Italy, Germany, Slovakia, England, Brazil, Belgium, Turkey, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, FYR of Macedonia, France, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Greece, Morocco, USA with names like Alvin Queen, Martin Drew, Ron Ringwood, Boško Petrović, Marc Murphy Band, Patrizia Conte, David Gazarov, Gianni Basso, Miles Griffith, Onder Fokan, J.L. Rassinfosse, Anca Parghel, Tomi Emanuel, Lenny White, Kendrick Scott, Jim Madison, Jeff Ballard, Vicente Archer, Buster Wiliams, Larry Grenadier, N.H.O. Pedersen, Ron McClure, Tamara Obrovac, Marek Patrman, Salvatore Maiore, Antonio Sanchez, Scott Colley, Gene Jackson, Bojan Z, John Hollenbeck, Joris Dudli, Rachid Zeroual, Bruno Castellucci, Catia Werneck, Howard Curtis, and others. He writes music for television and theatre, and also plays occasionally with some big pop names of Croatian music scene. At the very beginning of his career, Croatian composers’ society awarded him for the album «Octopussy» as the best author and best jazz new composer in the last 10 years.In July 2002 Matija performed on the Montreux Jazz Festival in France as one of the 11 finalists that were chosen from more than 400 pianists around the world. His father Arsen Dedić received the Premio Tenco and Jacques Brel awards and his mother Gabi Novak sang with Luis Armstrong, Garry Burton, Phill Woods, Toots Tielmans, Hellen Merril, Joe Turner.




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