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On July 1 will be released the debut Ep of the leccese young singer-songwriter Clara Romita, published by the apulian label Workin' Label and distributed by Ird.
The disc contains 5 original songs ran off by Clara in 2013. The songs, at first composed with her guitar, put on a more definite shape through the arrangement work by Filippo Bubbico, guitarist and keyboardist in recordings too, and Carolina Bubbico. Roberta Mazzotta, on violins and Alessandro Dell'Anna, on trumpet, join the rhythm section (Enrico Rollo on bass and Eugenio Lettere on drums). The choral parts are performed by Clara Calignano and Carolina Bubbico herself. Clara Romita, thanks to the originality of lyrics and to the harmonic and melodic variety of her songs, promises a burst of novelty among the Italian emerging songwriters.

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Music and lyrics by Clara Romita
Clara Romita vocals, acoustic guitar
Filippo Bubbico, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, rhodes
Enrico Rollo, bass
Eugenio Lettere, drums
Roberta Mazzotta, violins on "Il tempo nelle mani"
Alessandro Dell’Anna, trumpet on “Sotto controllo”
Clara Calignano and Carolina Bubbico, backing vocals

Arrangements Filippo Bubbico e Carolina Bubbico
Artistic production Workin’ Label

Recorded at Sudestudio – Guagnano (Le)
Sound Engineer and mixing Filippo Bubbico
Mastering Stefano Manca Sudestudio
Graphic project Alessandro Romita



Ambasciatore - Very often someone tells lies; voluntarily or not. Someone falls for it, someone not. Ambasciatore has sweet and sour flavors and it's halfway between the satisfaction of the awareness and the discouragement of realizing it too late. We should pay attention to those many people who wander through the pure nature wearing a camouflage battledress..

Sotto Controllo - We get lost in the noise of our monologues and even the completely innocent emotions are pushed down to the point that we are not able to recognize them any more. We should listen ourselves. We should stop complicating everything.

Come di Routine - Living life passively, suffering our own routine, it does nothing but brutalize anyone. It costs nothing to take just a minute to wonder, to brighten up the habit's gray tones. Often we prefer not to lift a finger and to keep the usual few things that happen during the day. At what cost?

Il Tempo Nelle Mani - A man, although he tries hard, will never be as a child. There will always be, among adults, those who seek balance between nostalgia and life in course. There will always be someone who will have huge pricks, but life has its course and there are various stages to be crossed, This reminds us that the end of an era exists only because other ones will follow. Therefore, we will always have time in our hands.

Buon Senso - We are all protagonists of a story, some of these, those of the most lucky ones, converge in the same direction. This story, instead, speaks about someone who travels alone, but not by choice. It tells how difficult it is to find someone able to listen to us, to find who might have the right pill to give us ... It's true, the healing is just around the corner, it's also true that without a little boost by someone or something, we can't help getting lost.





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