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Luca Alemanno "I Can See Home From Here" engl

cover i can see home from here 1440from october 9 available in record stores and digital platforms
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His technical control, accuracy and facility on the bass are terrific. With his music he creates new directions where the tradition is a springboard.” Herbie Hancock

Luca’s music is Art on the highest level. It’s poetic and has vision into the future.Jerry Bergonzi

Originally from Alessano Italy, Alemanno currently resides in Brooklyn, New York following two years in Los Angeles, three years in Rome, and travels to countless cities and countries.

In his debut album, I Can See Home from Here, bassist and composer Luca Alemanno explores shifting conceptions of home. Navigating between continents and cultures, Alemanno’s music explores the meaning of home, whether it is a place, a feeling, an object or a person. In reflecting on his encounters with the familiar and unknown, Alemanno raises questions around cultural identity, community and independence. 

The compositional ideas are closely linked with both the enthusiasm and nostalgia of those who live thousands of miles from home, often surrounded by a culture that has yet to be explored.

I Can See Home From Here features seven original compositions brought to life by a sextet of musicians from around the world, including alto saxophonist Miguel Zenon (Puerto Rico), trombonist Jon Hatamiya (California), vibraphonist Simon Moullier (France), pianist Isaac Wilson (California) and drummer Jongkuk Kim (South Korea). The record culminates with Alemanno’s solo bass interpretation of Hoagy Carmichael’s “Stardust.” 

The music echoes the harmonies of contemporary composers and the Second Viennese School mixed with African American-inspired rhythms and grooves, all blended with melodies that connect Italian lyricism and the identity of New York’s contemporary scene. In sharing his process of redefining home, Alemanno hopes to evoke and inspire introspection among listeners in their travels around the globe and within themselves. 


oct 10  Circolo Giovane Italia - Parma (Italy)

oct 11 Auditorium Liceo Classico Carlo Troia - Andria (Italy)
oct 12 Duke Jazz Club - Bari (Italy)

oct 13 Palazzo Pesce Mola di Bari (Italy)

oct 16 Alexanderplatz Jazz club - Roma (Italy)



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