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"On the moon" the new Filippo Bubbico's song

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© Workin' Label 2019

A few months after the release of his debut album Sun Village (Workin 'Label / I.R.D. / Puglia sounds) Filippo Bubbico presents the new single "On the Moon". The song is composed, arranged and produced by Filippo, author of the shooting and editing of the video clip, shot in his studio in Lecce. 

"On the moon" is a picture that describes opposite emotions: the inability to act and the death of the feelings in the verse against the ability of a human being to live and express his creativeness in the refrain. In this song the moon is a place of awareness, the same place where people who want to lead their lives belong.

After a first stage of “Sun Village Tour”, started in September 2018 with concerts in Lecce, Rome, Bari, Palermo, Agrigento, Cosenza, Taranto, Filippo is arranging a new slot of dates with his band all over Italy and abroad.


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