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Plastic Song | Giacomo Riggi engl

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© Workin' Label 2018

The new single of the singer and multi-instrumentalist Giacomo Riggi, published by Workin' Label will be released on November 21st.
"Plastic song" talks about the damage that plastic is causing to our planet. The music video, made under the direction of "Milt Studio", has been shot in various locations of Salento (Italy): cave di Poggiardo, woods of "Baia dei turchi", nature reserve “Le Cesine”, beaches of "Torre Chianca" and "Torre dell’orso". These pristine places are populated by female figures of different ages and nationalities entirely dressed in plastic, to symbolize how much pollution closely affects human beings, who, on the other hand, seem unaware of the problem by continuing to further poison the environment.
Giacomo Riggi was born in Barga (Italy). He got his degree in classical percussion at the high musical educational Institute "P. Mascagni" in Livorno in 2005.
On 1999 he won the prize "We love jazz and gospel; on 2002 the prize "Città di Fusignano" as a soloist; on 2010 the prize "Waltex jazz competition" with his own project "Isevarm".
Giacomo is a director of vocal groups and composer of symphonic and chamber music. He played with important jazz musicians such as Paul McCandless, Luciano Biondini, Danilo Rea, Tony Scott, Cristina Zavalloni.. He toured in Italy, Japan, Russia, India, Colombia.
On 2015 came out his concept album "Linea S" (Workin' label/ird), inspired by the Book "Exercises in style" by Raymond Queneau.
In September 2016 he records "Into my life" (Workin' label/ ird) his first album as a lead singer, 7 original songs recorded between Colombia and Italy together with Gabrio Baldacci, Brian Vasquez and Jacobo Álvarez.


Giacomo Riggi music & lyrics | Gabrio Baldacci guitar, sounds and mix | Daniele Paoletti drums, effects

Director: MILT 
Studio Director of photography: Guglielmo Bianchi 
Editors: MILT Studio/Davide Mellone 
Underwater camera: Danilo Dom Calogiuri 
Aerial camera: Luciano Toma 
Stylist: Silvia Dongiovanni 
Make-up artist: Giuliana Guido 
Models: Eva Muia - Shanti Banton - Daria Nikoluk - Linda Caprioli - Marie Diaz