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"Jazz elegance, soul virtuosism, classical rock, funk thrill, voice as her main instrument .. [...] she knows how to fascinate, her minimal elegance is her main figure, her dynamism winds between vibrant choirs and the attention to a world music that surely influences the work of the singer and songwriter " D.Drago of Shivers


With many years of versatile training, Carolina Bubbico is a pianist, singer, composer and musician of great sensitivity and artistic spontaneity. After working as writer, arranger and vocalist in several ensembles, Carolina produces the original solo project "One girl band", where she uses different instruments transforming and shaping sounds, words and music and thus creating a magnificent rhythmic vitality. Her evocative voice, due not only to her natural qualities, but also to some challenging studies, moves the listener thanks to her charisma.
After working as a solo, Carolina joins two popular musicians from Puglia, the bassist Luca Alemanno, and the drummer Dario Congedo, producing her first album "Controvento". The album, released in April 2013 (Workin 'label / distr. Goodfellas), contains nine original songs, that she composed and arranged in an absolutely personal style which echoes jazz, funk, world and dream pop. Her music produces an imaginary game of sounds animated by a strong rhythmic vitality and an original use of voice. With her crystalline timbre, Carolina interprets her written texts in a spontaneous style. Her music expresses a desire for change and celebrates her enthusiasm for life. The song "A me piacerebbe ridere," single from the album "Controvento", won in 2011 the prize of best video clip in the project "Officine della Musica". Directed by Gianni De Blasi, Carolina realises her first video.
In December 2012 Carolina arrives to the big screen by signing her first soundtrack and participating in the cast of the film "L'amore è imperfetto" by Francesca Muci (R&C produzioni e R.A.I. Cinema). In June 2013 she was a guest on Radio 2 in "Radio 2 Social Club" and "Moby dick" and on Rai Gulp; her record is broadcast by several Italian stations and some international radio stations.
In 2015 she received the prestigious post of arranger and orchestra conductor at the Sanremo Festival for Il Volo, the winners of the Big section, and Serena Brancale one of the voices of the Young section. more 
In August 2015 she made her first tour abroad in some of the most prestigious festivals in Germany. The concerts are organized with the support Puglia Sounds Export. In September she was a member of the Quality Jury together with Maestro Vessicchio in the talent show "Tu si que vales" broadcast on Canale 5. In october 2015 she released her second release "Una donna", with 8 original songs and Stevie Wonder’s hit Superstition, all of which she arranged.






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