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irene scardia  de blasi 2009
Classic Contemporary Jazz

"A writing that pursues the tensions of a rhythmically participate in music, but always in search, ready to wonder, the wonder of the gift."  “A journey of lightness in a strong expressionistic tension is minimal and compares it with jazz arrangements. Themes of strong emotional impact, wide, open field at speeds that make visions. " In the work of Irene Scardia "there is a force that moves the hands to the music: the feminine unrest that sews languages, expressive density that propagate the need for a full creative, original, material. That 'matter' that makes the heart, the secret, laughter and grief. Blood and heart and nature ... wind. " (M.Marino Paese Nuovo)

Irene Scardia
, pianist, composer, performer. Indefinable in her originality, lyricism of her sound arrives directly in its technical quality, without getting lost, the essence.
With an artistic background that sees her going, in addition to regular studies music, in significant experiences in the field of dance and theater, Irene Scardia, realized some productions: Il tempo d’Irene (2002), Quattro pagine di me (2003) , Meredith à rebours (2004), I giorni del vento (2008), Quello che so del cielo (2009). 
Since 1995 she is President of the Cultural Association “L’Orchestrina” in Lecce, promoting training and research and numerous cultural activities.
Since 2009 he is Artistic Director of Workin' Label records, promoting a lot of Artists in Italy and around the world.
Her first album for solo piano "I Giorni del vento"
 has been produced by Workin’ Label in 2009. Her second release “Risvegli” (Awakenings), produced by Workin' Label in 2012. The work contains 12 original tracks composed and performed by Irene Scardia in trio with the saxophonist Emanuele Coluccia and the bass player Luca Alemanno, musicians with whom Irene Scardia shares her compositional project since 2009.